Editing Services

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Author Coaching – $20.00/half hour or $40.00/hour

We are pleased to offer author coaching sessions by phone or Skype. This service is valuable for times when you wish to get some objective feedback when planning a new story outline, when you are stuck during the revision process on an existing manuscript, or just need a pep talk when you encounter writer's block.

Coaching is offered in half hour or hour sessions. Sign up for a coaching session today.

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Project Analysis – $5.00/page

You may be interested in starting the editing process with a project analysis so that we can determine what, if any, content development or copyediting your manuscript needs. This service level is a great choice if budget is a concern or if you just want to see how well we work together at first.

A project analysis is a read-through of your manuscript without in-depth content development or a grammatical line edit.

The project analysis allows us to become familiar with your manuscript and writing style and provide you with specific feedback on what needs to be done to improve your book. Basic notes are taken to evaluate your manuscript on the following elements of a novel (for works of fiction): Setting, Character Development, Conflict, Plot, and Motivation, and elements of writing: Narration, Dialogue, Description, Point of View, and Management and Continuity of Facts. We then recommend what you need to do next to get your manuscript ready for publication.

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Developmental Content Editing – $50.00/hour

Developmental content editing is a must for any serious writer preparing their manuscript for submission to agents, publishers, etc. This process is also an extremely valuable experience for the first-time writer.

Any project that is to be submitted for professional consideration or self-publishing needs to be in pristine condition. Not only do you need to make sure all typos and formatting errors are eliminated, but your story also needs to be meticulously analyzed. With the publishing marketplace as competitive as it is, why submit anything that is less than your best effort?

The developmental editing that is part of this service provides a line-by-line, scene-by-scene analysis. Your manuscript will be thoroughly examined on the elements of writing, the elements of a novel, and the elements of a scene. Changes that will be made in a developmental edit include: weak points are strengthened, poor sentence structure is changed, and the overall flow of the story is enhanced - all to ensure that the manuscript is in perfect, publishable form.

By going through a thorough developmental content edit, we can make sure your story is tight, that your writing is as strong as possible, and that all structural errors have been eliminated before publishers see them and use them as a reason to decline your project.

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Ghost Writing

If you only have a rough draft and need more extensive help in developing your manuscript, schedule a call to talk to us about ghost writing assistance. Pricing for this service varies per project, and we are happy to give you a free consultation.

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Copyediting – $50.00/hour

Copyediting – a complete punctuation, grammar, and spelling proofreading review – is usually part of a full developmental edit or can be obtained separately.

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Reread – $2.00/page

This service is for returning editing customers who would like us to reread their material once they have already gone through a developmental edit or project analysis and revisions.

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Printing – add $0.10 per page

Electronic submissions via e-mail are accepted, but we will need to print out the manuscript. Please add $0.10 per page if you send your materials to us electronically.

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